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Lenders Independent Engineer

LIE’s Technical Assessment is executed based on the information provided by the Company/ Lenders, management discussion and site visit. The technical assessment of the project is conducted considering the suggested/ confirmed capacity, vetting of estimated capital expenditure (Hard Costs), statutory requirements required and status and future expansion plans. Contracts placed with vendors /suppliers are also reviewed and salient observations and critical points are mentioned in the Phase I report.

Project status is periodically monitored in terms of schedule, cost and quality and utilization of disbursement made and the same is reported to lenders in periodic report format. LIE certificate is issued based on assessment of work completed and assessment of funds required is vetted based on the succeeding period expenditure/ implementation schedule. Execution is observed in line with contracts placed with vendors /suppliers and major deviations and their impacts are reported in the monitoring reports. Status of clearances/ approvals required as per the stage of project development is monitored and alerts are raised as and when required. Company’s QES (Quality, Environment and Safety) policy and adherence to the policy is reviewed as part of periodic site visit.